The Human Development Index is scale combining several different factors of development, including income, education and life expectancy. The DRC is next to Rwanda and very unstable and there is a risk that conflict may spread and refugees flood into Rwanda.. They provide clean water for a village, eliminating the need for women and children to go and travel long distances to collect water. A large artificial store will be created behind the dam The gradient of the river will be reduced The velocity of the river will be reduced Evaporation rates behind the dam will increase because there is a large surface area of water. A meander is simply a bend in the river.

If the river deposits quicker than the sea can erode then a delta starts to develop. This is assessed in one and a half hour exam and is made up of short and long question marks. Waterfalls are usually created by a change in rock type. Assessment 2 week 9 – personal reflection from the workshops – written piece Homework – Produce a collage that depicts everything that we have studied and shows the many different organisations that are available to help people who are finding life hard. Potholes are holes found in the river bed. Destiny and Afterlife – students learn about different religious views about the Soul and what may or may not happen to us when we die. The role of the Church in medieval society and the Reformation – including how worship changed and why the Church was important.

The core regions are the rich and usually urban areas of a country. Students will study how and why religious believers think the Universe was created whilst considering non-religious explanations for the origins of the Universe.

Surface run-off overland flow: Urbanisation creates impermeable surfaces which stops infiltration and increases surface run-off into rivers. This is the line of material left behind after a river has flooded.

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This is also supported by a mock exam in 3 gorges dam case study gcse geography year. It should be realised that the effectiveness of the river processes concerned will vary according to the volume and velocity of the running water and the nature of the load boulders, pebbles, sand and silt which, in turn, will be affected by the bedrock along the course of the river.

Buddhism – students will be expected to develop an understanding of the basic beliefs, tradition and practices of Buddhism. The long profile is the course the river takes from its source to its mouth.

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All students work will be marked by the exam board. Year 8 In year 8 students study Modern History. The Corruption Perception Index looks at perceived corruption in governments and their departments.


The Cold War – including the involvement of different countries and the impact on society at the time. This was largely due to the rescue efforts of 7 helicopters who airlifted people to safety. Year 8 In year 8 we continue to build on the skills learnt in year 7 by introducing more global 3 gorges dam case study gcse geography to begin to broaden the student’s horizons.

Students then swap books and using the peer assessment pens green they use the marking codes or highlight relevant text. Hydro electric power is created, reducing the need for oil or nuclear power Flooding is minimised using ‘run of the river’ technology Two new forest reserves created Businesses in South-East Brazil.

Intercepted water dripping off vegetation onto the ground.

After this we then complete the final two topics: Development is the overall term which is used to measure how advanced a country is compared to others. Initially this will recognise the different theories about the origins of evil and the reason it exists in the world and they will investigate the possible purpose or intention of the process of suffering as a result of evil.

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Through this topic we aim to answer these important questions. The Holocaust – to recognise the atrocities of the Holocaust and the impact it has had on the world today. Students will then go to evaluate how these teachings can be applied in day to day life and the impact they might have on 3 gorges dam case study gcse geography and actions regardless o religious faith.

Flooding and erosion poses a risk to the land of Indigenous tribes Poor people living in South-East Brazil. The water table can go up and down depending on the amount of rainfall and the amount of water being used. The Industrial Revolution in Britain – how this changed society and how this changed Britain’s place in the world.

Although Boscastle is only a small 3 gorges dam case study gcse geography area, urbanisation can contribute to flooding. Climate change and global warming – argued by some as the greatest threat facing humans today. A flash flood occurred on the Valency River in Boscastle on the 16th August If the river exceeds bankfull discharge then it floods. The Human Development Index is scale combining several different factors of development, including income, education and life expectancy.

We aim to give students an appreciation of different views and help them decide what they think about this taboo subject.

They focus on different aspects of life at the time including transport, manufacture and inventions. A fantastic day for some of our Year 6’s today, when they attended a Maths Challenge Day wollastonschool Great teamwor….

Students will then go onto recognise and consider the influence that Buddhism has had on the modern world as a philosophy and way of life as well as how modern Buddhists represent their beliefs. Initially this will recognise the history and background to the start of the religion, who was involved, how it developed and the key teachings and practices.


River Management Case Study on The Mississippi.

It’s a multinational project to build four dams, a navigation channel, three highways and a electricity lines. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Instead it will bounce and crash into the bed, causing vertical erosion. The dividing line between two drainage basins. They are not expensive because they use smaller, more appropriate technology, which the local people will have to pay for. A flood that arrives with little or no notice.

Some of the social indicators which can separate a country in terms of development include:. Hope the resources can be of use to you. Human Causes Deforestation reducing interception and increasing surface run-off 3 gorges dam case study gcse geography reducing infiltration and increasing surface run-off Population growth increasing population density Growth of informal settlements on marginal land floodplains Dams in India causing sedimentation of rivers reducing cross-section Poorly maintained flood defences Poor transport and communication links don’t 3 gorges dam case study gcse geography floods but prevent the population from being warned and evacuated Lack of weather warnings again don’t cause, but reduce warning times and give residents less chance to escape Global warming is causing more snow to melt in the Himalayas, it is causing sea levels to rise and it is increasing the frequency and magnitude of cyclones.

However, this is not true, the velocity of the river actually increases as you near the mouth, as shown in the Bradshaw model to the right. In this topic students aim to be able to answer that question through gaining an understanding of how development is measured and what can contribute to a country becoming more developed.

Year 9 A high-quality citizenship education helps to provide pupils with knowledge, skills and understanding to prepare them to play a full and active part in society.

This is formed on the side of the river with greatest deposition the inside of the meander. Development in Rwanda has neither been a smooth or continuous process as the HDI graph above shows. Ethics and Philosophy at Wollaston School Ethics and Philosophy at Wollaston is the changing face of modern education.