Backup Recovery Sites Repeat information in items 6 through 14 for backup recovery sites. Get IS staff working on this immediately. When the problems that were encountered were analyzed, it was found that setting up the engagement correctly would have avoided many painful situations later in the plan development process. Install mid-range computer system If new mid-range computers are being installed, or the old system is being re-installed: Explain, in detail, how the network will be recovered and managed. Items stored off-site are intact and accessible.

What type of support does the vendor provide before, during and after a test? Explain the need for someone within the organization to train. Print comparable reports and review. Print BIA data forms. Task force members may call on the services of other personnel who are not members of the recovery team. Hot-Site and Work Area Site a.

Here you identify the number of staff that you will be interviewing. Security System Detail the security system and security staff provided at the proposed recovery facility. Receive Organization Chart from site. The plan must then be updated to keep it current.

Staff and Services 1.

A guide to business continuity planning / James C. Barnes.

See FREE shipping information. Voice Communications Redundancy is quite important to protect both voice and data communications. Variances should be identified and documented. Pity the poor contingency planner — whether starting a consulting engagement, or delegated the daunting task of equipping an enterprise to survive and function in the face of disruption.


Create risk assessments data sheets. Prepare recommendations for enhanced containment.

What if operations were destroyed by fire or flood, negative media drives away customers or the company database is stolen or infected by a virus? The RTO is the amount of time allowed for the recovery of a business function.

A Guide to Business Continuity Planning

This policy defines a framework for: Professional Services Describe your range of available professional services to assist us with: Description The interest in Business Continuity has gained significant momentum in the last few years, especially with the Y2K non-event, the increasing corporate dependence on computer systems and the growing levels of devastation associated with recent disasters.

Explain the need for someone within the organization to train. It is important that you have adequate workspace and tools printer, paper, telephone, data link, etc.

By converting hours into billable hours, you can determine a reasonable fee to charge the client. However, this should give you a guide to business continuity planning by james c.barnes better understanding of the categories of information that should be included.


Arrange showers and rest If conditions warrant: At present, how many subscribers does the vendor support?

Verify the integrity of the system at all network workstations. AudiobookStand Discount Audiobooks on Disc. Tasks in this procedure should be assigned to a Facilities Task Force. Identify and document change control procedures. Below is an example of an Action Plan involving both technical and non-technical teams: Include the latest annual report. Contact insurance representative If it is determined that damage has been done to the facility: Once you have gone through these determinations, you should have a fairly clear idea of what needs to be done to improve the business continuity planning structure of the organization.

Business Continuity If evacuation is required, evacuate building. This thin book provides the framework for a comprehensive business continuity plan.

The following are examples of each of the requested items.

Recover Wide Area Network Procedure 1. Some procedures are linked to a default vendor. Compterville Data Center for Stratus: