This is the official reference guide of Apache HBase (TM), a distributed, versioned, column-oriented database built on top of Apache Hadoop and Apache . 7 items This is the official reference guide of Apache HBase™, a distributed, versioned, big data store built on top of Apache Hadoop™ and Apache. 13 Jul For more information about visibility labels, see the Visibility Labels section of the Apache HBase Reference Guide. If you use visibility labels.

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The goal is for the largest region to be just large enough that the compaction selection algorithm only compacts it during a timed major compaction.

You can also add the following to watch for GC: Limit on number of concurrent connections at the socket level that a single apache hbase reference guide, identified by IP address, may make to a referencd member of the ZooKeeper ensemble.

If you fill all the regions at somewhat the same rate, the global memory usage makes it that it forces tiny flushes when you have too many regions which in turn generates compactions. The downside of this method however, is in the overhead of ports that could potentially be used. HBase uses the local referencr to self-report its Apache hbase reference guide address.

Essential Apache HBase

HBase has two run modes: For example, see the user mailing list thread, Inconsistent scan performance with caching set to 1 and apache hbase reference guide issue cited therein where setting notcpdelay improved scan speeds. Apache hbase reference guide uses the local hostname to self-report its IP address.


Those steps are omitted here. Here are a few things to watch out for upgrading from 0. The smaller this number, the closer the compactions come together. There are a variety of reasons that regions may appear “well split” but won’t work with your data. The clocks on cluster nodes should be synchronized. Before proceeding, ensure you have an appropriate, working HDFS.

Add a copy of hdfs-site. On the other hand, high region count has been known to make things slow.

Thus a request for the values of all columns in the row com. A larger value will benefit reads by providing more file handlers per apache hbase reference guide file cache and would reduce frequent file opening and closing. The comparison is case insensitive.

Working with HBase – MapR Documentation –

You can also set TTL in seconds for a column family. Your data isn’t the only resident of the block cache, here apache hbase reference guide others that you may have to take into account:.

In particular, a couple questions that often come up are:. The apache hbase reference guide of thumb is to keep this number low 10 by default when the payload per request approaches the MB big puts, scans using a large cacheand high when the refwrence is small gets, small puts, ICVs, deletes. Generally less Regions to manage makes for a smoother running cluster You can always later manually split the big Regions should one prove hot and you want to spread the request load over the cluster.


HBase includes several methods of loading data into tables. The base ports are and instead. The following is a rough formula for calculating the potential number of open files on a RegionServer. SubstringComparator can be used to determine if a given substring exists in a value. HBase does not apache hbase reference guide use the mapreduce daemons. Pushing file ownership down into HDFS would necessitate changes to core code.

Multiple switches are a potential pitfall in the architecture.

If the thread pool is full, incoming requests will be queued up and wait for some free threads. An example of such an HDFS client configuration is dfs. Thus a request for the value of the contents: For MapReduce jobs apache hbase reference guide use HBase tables as a source, if there a pattern where the “slow” map tasks seem to have the same Input Split i.

It is also possible to appache configuration directly without having to read from a hbase-site. If the primary Master loses its connection with ZooKeeper, it will fall into a loop where it keeps trying to reconnect. Browse at least the paragraphs at the end of the help emission for the apache hbase reference guide of how variables and command arguments are entered into the HBase shell; in particular note how table names, rows, and columns, etc.