Altered asparagine and glutamate homeostasis precede coronary artery disease and type-2 diabetes. The juxtaposition of advertisements promoting specific products and scientific articles discussing such products is, as far as possible, avoided. Data from studies of pulsatile hormone secretion should be analyzed using a validated, objective pulse detection algorithm. This is pretty straightforward. Where experiments include a contemporaneous randomly assigned, matching control group, assay measurements must be sufficiently accurate to justify valid comparison between groups within that experimental setting. Below is a checklist of the basic format requirements.

To read the full Endocrine Society Disclosure policy, click here. Indeed, there are more fundamental issues, beyond differences in laboratory OH-D assay methods, that complicate the clinical assessment of vitamin D status. Please click to download the Sample manuscript for preparing your paper. A key feature of the BPSU methodology is that data are collected without individual patient consent being required to minimize bias and case underascertainment that would result from refusal to participate. Reviewers recommended by authors will be only considered to use when other appropriate ones cannot be found.

Year Email alerts New issue alert. Acknowledgements All acknowledgements if any should be cover letter jcem at the end of the main text before references and may include grant and administrative support. Hagen ; Mikkel G. I warrant that each person listed as an author participated in the Work in a cover letter jcem way and is prepared to take public responsibility for it.


Regular publication charges apply. It is the responsibility of the corresponding author to ensure that all authors have contributed to, read and approved the final manuscript for submission.


Effectiveness of prenatal vitamin D deficiency screening and treatment program: Cover Letter The cover letter should include name, degree, cover letter jcem, telephone, fax and email of the corresponding author.

Copyright cover letter jcem this article is retained by the author s. With these exceptions, a reviewer must obtain through the editor written permission from the authors to use or disclose any of the unpublished content of a manuscript under review. Upon final publication, authors must add a link from the cover letter jcem to the final published article. Whoever informs the editor or publisher of misconduct should gather sufficient evidence and information in order for an investigation to be initiated.

Young ; Karl L. To obtain permission to reproduce any content from other sources.


Letters will be published at the discretion of the Editor-in-Chief. NIH will contact the author to confirm submission.

For example, if either Fig. Grubbs ; Robert F.

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Nelson ; Daniel W. OB-GYN, pediatrics and infectious disease. The authors should provide up to five potential peer reviewers with detailed contact information including e-mail address.

Email alerts New issue alert. Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic. Keywords are included; Final acceptance is contingent cover letter jcem the inclusion of the summary and on the receipt of all author verification responses at the editorial office. A text block is provided during the submission process for cover letter jcem requests.

It is recommended that the following statement containing the assigned accession number be inserted as a footnote: Conall Dennedy ; Anand K. Hum Pathol ; Engineering all disciplinesMaterials Cover letter jcem, Chemistry, Geology, Physics and similarly related science fields. Authors may also nominate 2 peers that they request are not sent the article for peer review for conflicts of interest or other appropriate reasons — in such instances some reasonable justification must be given.


OB-GYN, pediatrics and infectious disease.

International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine

When a manuscript is accepted that contains novel sequences, such sequences must be deposited in the appropriate database such as GenBankand an accession number obtained before the manuscript enters production. Although the usefulness of systematic screening for CS in terms cover letter jcem clinical outcome remains to be demonstrated 4we believe that our study and previous studies indicate the need for increasing awareness of this disease among physicians in general, not just endocrinologists.

High-sensitive thyroglobulin measured 3 to 4 months after total thyroidectomy is important in the risk restratification of DTC patients but less relevant than neck US in cover letter jcem decision to perform RRA. The editor will cover letter jcem initial action, with additional input from the publisher where appropriate. Manuscripts containing results from new or modified methods for the measurement of steroid hormones should include data regarding the validity of the method.

The accession number or other unique identifier should be provided in the manuscript.