He was equally at home as a confidant to church leaders and politicians as he was with visiting fellow priests in prison, a ministry to which he remained faithful to the end. Joe was humble and down to earth. His remaining brother, Kevin, lives in Queensland. I still have Dyslexia. He returned to the Lord to whom he had dedicated his life on 26th February

Many may not know that the church in Ravenshoe was built from the winnings of his famous greyhound Stationmaster named after his father who worked for Queensland railways and was station master in a number of remote places in Queensland, particularly in the Far North of the diocese. I hope that my students find me as inspiring and nurturing as I found you and your teaching, and I hope that my children are lucky enough to have one great teacher like you. Rest now in peace dear Vince. He is an eloquent and gentle giant of a man who deserves absolute recognition and reward. I would love to make contact with her just to let her know where im at today.

He loved people and wanted them to grow and flourish. My favourite teacher was Sister Madeline Ryan, a remarkable member of the Ursuline nuns who creative writing julia casterton me in a high school in Ashbury Sydney in the s. He was appointed Pastor Emeritus on his retirement from South Caulfield in He was a great storyteller and a very popular preacher who travelled the length and breadth of Australia and New Zealand preaching parish missions. Those who were involved in the early days would creative writing julia casterton how limited were the resources.

Natasha read one of the teacher nominations this morning.

My marks soared, well in those subjects particularly, because of her belief in me. She wasn’t a particularly nice person and I sure wasn’t her favourite pupil. A seemingly impossible task was undertaken and, creative writing julia casterton miraculously, the Centacare Tasmania of today is the ongoing fruit of Fr Clem’s labours and those of many generous and unsung collaborators over the past near fifty years.

In the classroom she always encouraged and nurtured my love of writing and inspired me to first of all become an English teacher myself, and also to write for various forums through the years. I still have Dyslexia.


He was a robust and skilled worker and set about building airstrips, churches, mission schools and out-stations. He stayed in touch with thousands of creative writing julia casterton who remember him fondly.

She would burst into the classroom and announce the name of a composer in her deep, gruff voice – Chopin, Bach, Beethoven, Debussy, Brahms, Sibelius Plus those not mentioned above: Allan was an acolyte in Riverwood Parish.

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She is as happy playing her violin in a classical quartet as she is joining in an Irish music jam session. Or Mr Servagnat with French as his game, [even now we still can’t pronounce his surname! In he was one of the original social constructivists in a school environment creative writing julia casterton did not encourage creativity.

You can not imagine the impact you had on the young ethnic adolescent.

In he retired from full time parish duties due to ill health. I often think of her. In he became the pioneer of the Salesian presence in Samoa helping to establish the Salesian mission in that country. He returned to Australia in and after a brief time in parish life, commenced a long career teaching in the Seminary in Brisbane, which saw him take on the role of Vice Rector and eventually Rector.

Creative writing julia casterton he entered St Columba’s College, Springwood, where he completed his secondary schooling, before commencing his studies for the priesthood, first at Springwood then at St Patrick’s, Manly. Mrs Black, Grade 1, Solway Primary. For 18 years he provided dynamic, forthright, imaginative leadership. She is now in her 80s and is still invited to a a range of school reunions. He inspired the community to work together to improve the standard of living and they witnessed his generosity of spirit through the facilities he provided for them.

During this period he spent seven years as the Spanish migrant chaplain, having learnt the language in Argentina. The historians tell us that in the 40s and 50s in Europe, various pressures were building within the Church to revisit the twin poles called ad Extra i. Following reluctant retirement inhe lived briefly at Hunters Hill and Drummoyne. At Creative writing julia casterton and at Manly until his ordination in he was noted as having that rare combination of being a keen student and a champion creative writing julia casterton.


Sister Josephine also taught French, which I also had a penchant for, and a desire to one day maybe visiting that country. The teacher that inspired me to go on to be one myself was Creative writing julia casterton Rowan now Mrs T. I was a student in your 2 unit English and 3 unit English classes at Oakhill College in He was always keen to remind others, that he saw the potential of engaging young Creative writing julia casterton with the phenomena of World Youth Day, long before it became a feature of diocesan and international Catholic life.

He retired to Waverley NSW in I aced the next test and graduated near the top of the cohort. This apostolate was interrupted by the 7 years he spent in Canberra as secretary of the Conference of Major Superiors Clerical, and assistant and consultor at the Apostolic pro Nunciature, for which service he received a papal honour.

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One day a note appeared in my deskwith no signature. Rest in peace Peter. Rest in peace dear Geoff. He also established a carpentry school for young people and introduced electricity to the area by harnessing the power of a water-fall to produce hydro-electricity.

My favorite teacher is Mrs Millar-Luke because she went in the Olympics and makes school fun. I have no doubt creative writing julia casterton he saved my life when he sat me down after class one day and said in the No Bullshit way of creative writing julia casterton