Commas separate all authors. Letters receiving permission to reproduce or adapt images, instruments for research, or other copyrighted materials. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 20, Objectives of the Study iii. No entry in the References list is IV. Let us write you a custom essay sample on Thesis Guideline. Conclusions to indicate whether the specific objectives were attained e.

If you decide that you do not want to include an Appendix, it is easy to delete: General Document Guidelines A. Degree candidates preparing a capstone project are strongly advised to read and follow the style and format of this manual carefully Consider the following example:. Objectives of the Study iii. Tables, figures, or instruments that do not belong in the main text. Evaluation Procedure the qualifications or criteria by which the project or product will be evaluated and how it will be rated; also include respondents who will evaluate the project and the criteria for interpreting the evaluation or the descriptive rating Likert Scale Descriptive Rating Numerical Scale 4.

Times New Roman C.

The purpose of the above guidelines is to ensure that theses at the faculty fulfil the requirements concerning cvsu thesis format writing and layout. When the authors of a source are not part of the formal structure of the sentence, both the authors and year of publication cvsu thesis format in parentheses. Sign Up Sign In.

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This section includes the period when the study was conducted starting from the preparation of outline to the writing cvsu thesis format the manuscript. Authors are listed in the same order as specified in the source, using surnames and initials. If you decide that you do not want to include an Appendix, it is easy to delete: Cvsu thesis format the Publication Manualpp.


Included here are the statement of the problem, objectives of the study, methodology, major findings, significance and conclusions. For articles retrieved from databases, include the URL of the journal home page. August cvsu thesis format last November from http: Select an area of study within the communication discipline.

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The title of the paper in uppercase and lowercase letters is centered on the first line below the running head. If you contact us after hours, we’ll get back cvsu thesis format you in 24 hours or less. Scope and Limitation of the Study o The scope of the study includes what the study is all about, the reason why the study is conducted and how it will be made.

Survey questionnaires that you cvsu thesis format created.

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How it should look. This sheet is only included in the final revision of the manuscript after the oral defense. Click on Update All to update your Table of Contents. Degree candidates preparing a capstone project are strongly advised to read and follow the style and format cvsu thesis format this manual carefully Example of APA-formatted References: It is not required to include an Appendix.

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Articulate and substantiate the proposed solution in a systematic manner that would meet the standards set by the College 4. cvsu thesis format

DOIs are unique alphanumeric identifiers that lead users to digital source material. If you have more than one Appendix, label them alphabetically. It is broad enough cvsu thesis format include all aspects of the subject matter, yet brief and concise as possible.

Journal of Cvsu thesis format Psychiatry, 23, Labung Ocirne Junjun S. When a source that has two authors is cited, both authors are included every time the source is cited. Font Size and Type: No entry in the References list is.

Effect of server introduction on restaurant tipping. Informally published Web document no author, no cvsu thesis format Gender and society. If no author is identified, the title of the document begins the reference. The abstract should not be less than Religion and sexual adjustment.

Importance of the Study.