Deep River [Shusaku Endo, Van C. Gessel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Endo has successfully dramatized the discovery that the. 鈴 the empty bell. 2 – Book Review – Deep River. Shusaku Endo is a Japanese, Christian novelist. His most famous book, Silence, origi- nally published in , . 24 Jan A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Deep River by Endo Shusaku.

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Numada and his raucous family, he is deep river shusaku endo even when surrounded by them, when he develops a serious lung condition. Yes he wrote the story, and collected sections out of the lives of his characters, but it is his characters that are saying and doing things.

Deep River Summary & Study Guide

For me this was a deeply satisfying snapshot of men and women of various stages of life confronting emotional and spiritual needs. In this moving novel, zhusaku group of Japanese tourists, each of whom is wrestling with his or her own demons, travels to the River Ganges on a pilgrimage of grace. Kiguchi is haunted by war-time horrors in Burma and seeks to have Buddhist rituals performed in India for the souls of his friends in the Japanese army as well as his enemies.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Themes include feeling of apartness, responsibility, differing cultures, religions, good and bad within each rjver us, promises, etc. I think more people would Deep river shusaku endo like this book than do. Read archived reviews of Japanese classics at jtimes. At some point they all end up standing before the ghats on the River Ganges. Amazon Drive Cloud storage deep river shusaku endo Amazon.

Naruse is a young hospital volunteer who sometimes sit Second reading. Deep river shusaku endo failed Catholic priest, he is a type of Prince Myshkina bumbling Christ like figure, full of goodness.


Each character presents a face of spirituality as a sgusaku. This question is never addressed. I learned some really beautiful things about some other religions that I didn’t know before I read this book.

A novel about different streams towards God and how there is a deep river that runs deep enough to handle all the craziness that goes on down here. Orthofer24 Deep river shusaku endo Whereas he hardly ever thought about her during diver life, now he thinks about her all the time.

Deep River by Shūsaku Endō

It’s kind of sad. British and colonial-Indian troops chased their unit through inhospitable terrain during the rainy season until starvation and illness set in. That’s better than a hug. The opening scene of him being told that his wife for 35 years had cancer and would only have 4 months to live was so moving it made me glued to the book deep river shusaku endo ignored the 2 buddy books I was expected to read for our book club.

I can’t help but be struck by the clarity and logic of the way Europeans think, but it seems to me as an Asian that there’s something they have lost sight of deep river shusaku endo their excessive clarity and their overabundance of logic, and I just can’t go along with it.

Deep River

Please try again later. Nov 08, Wen Cof rated dedp it was amazing. I don’t want to stare at that same bumper sticker for hours during a traffic jam.

Can’t expressing being the expression? This book is the amazing story of 4 individuals, each with their own back story, going to India and the Ganges River specifically. The war was – horrible. Their novels become a blueprint of her life. Silence was written in the 60s and Deep River was written in the 90s. One of the characters, not mentioned in the previous paragraph, could be thought deep river shusaku endo as a Christ figure. Sawyer on Lost loved it.


At one point he had brought Kiguchi meat he identified as that of a dead cow. Published on April 29, What can I say? Another deep river shusaku endo I started with high hopes which failed to live up to my expectations.

Return to Book Page. Or the beaches shusaiu Mexico.

Deep River – Endo Shusaku

Deep river shusaku endo 23, Brian Wilcox rated it it was amazing. Doing what someone said or ignoring them is still sgusaku. It’s about accepting and bearing suffering, and trying to love. Deep River – India. In Endo’s world the avenues of success only bring a hollow happiness. Motivated by different forms of grief and guilt, each is searching for healing.

For example, a lot of the coincidences and reunion moments t Having written Silence, it’s hard to come back and write something just as stunning, but Deep River isn’t far off. And that figure of woman, whether goddess or virgin or human is a major deep river shusaku endo shusakku the story. Or is that a moral dilemma? The openness a Dang, yo. In sum, this is a good novel even if not an example of the greatest literature. Numada, a children’s author, is also on the tour.

No religion is deep river shusaku endo since men are not perfect. Mitsuko, who nursed Isobe’s wife as a volunteer also happens to be on Isobe’s tour of India. Sure, all religions should get along and are as valid as any other. Isobe to search for his reborn wife.