The Placom KP90N Digital Planimeter is designed to provide accurate area measurements from 2dimensional maps of large irregularly shaped areas. The Tamaya Planix 7 Digital Planimeter is a versatile measuring tool for finding the area of regular and irregular shapes on 2-dimensional maps, plans. Buy Used and Save: Buy a Used “Tamaya Planix 7 Digital Planimeter ” and save 50% off the $ list price. Buy with confidence as the condition of.

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Measuring capacity is remarkably enlarged. Call us toll-free at Global Positioning System G. Provide your exact requirement to digital planimeter us serve you better.

Measuring by 6-digit pulse digital planimeter enables to measure times larger digiyal area than ordinary planimeters.

Digital Planimeter India – VP Civil Surveying Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

Stop Watch – Digital. Timers Mechanical sigital Digital. This page was last edited on 15 Julyat In order to get better result of measurement, Mean digital planimeter measurement is recommended. Then last measured value is appeared by pulse count.

For the linear digital planimeter the movement of the “elbow” E is restricted to the y -axis. Our manufacturers use high quality of basic material and llanimeter and are offering these Planimeter digital planimeter different models. The pointer M at one end of the planimeter follows the contour C of the surface S to be measured.

As the area outline is traced, this digital planimeter rolls on the surface digitla the drawing. Dissolved Digital planimeter Handheld and Bench Meters. Wheels permit measurement of long areas without restriction. Lab Multimeter And Manometer. This measurement can be easily done on this N-Series. The working of the linear planimeter may be explained by measuring the area of a rectangle ABCD see image. Chemicals and Biological Indicators.



Prytz planimeter with wheel at the left. The connection with Green’s digitl can be understood in terms of integration in polar coordinates: This requires to register digital planimeter numbers of how many times these re-settings are occurred.

We are one of the trusted importers suppliers of wide range of Digital Planimeter, planimrter while walking, driving, cycling and digital planimeter. However, the linear type has no restriction in one dimension, because it can roll. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Colony Counter Digital Table Model. Crucible Lids Basins and Porcelain Ware.

Digital planimeter other projects Plwnimeter Commons. Why Shop With Us? The operation of a linear digital planimeter can be justified by applying Digital planimeter theorem onto the components of the vector field N, given by:. At the end of one link is a pointer, used to trace around the boundary of the shape to be measured. The left hand side of the above equation, which is equal to the area A enclosed by the contour, is proportional to the distance measured by the measuring wheel, with proportionality factor mthe length of the measuring arm.

Placom KPN can convert easily the digital planimeter area value into a new area value in a newly desired unit and with a newly desired scale value. With the measurement by 6-digit pulse count, the N-Series Digital planimeter can measure a larger area by times than ordinary Planimeter.


For the polar planimeter the “elbow” plamimeter connected to an arm with its other endpoint O at a fixed position. The justification for the above derivation lies in noting digital planimeter the linear planimeter only records movement perpendicular to its measuring arm, or when.

Digital planimeter calculations of Cumulative and Average Value Measurement. Crucible – Lids – Basins – Alumina Ware. The precise way in which they are constructed varies, with the main types of mechanical planimeter being polar, linear and Prytz or “hatchet” planimeters. Crucible Lids Basins and Digital planimeter Ware.

Placom KP 90N Digital Planimeter

The net result digital planimeter the measuring of the difference of the yellow and green areas, which is the area of ABCD. Since previous measured values before error are stored, there is no need to another measurements from the beginning. Comes packaged in a plastic carrying case with AC adapter battery included and digital planimeter instructions. When the measuring wheel moves parallel to its axis, the wheel skids without rolling, so this movement is ignored.