Now unfortunately, BYOBWebsite is ever so slightly more complicated in that I have a bunch of extra files in places that are not typical with Thesis… Okay, return to the Themes page. It shows on the front-end of the blog, above the comment section, only when a post has not comments comments count zero. We know that we are using version 2. The Thesis update train rolls on with version 2. How to customize Error Page in Thesis Theme. This copies over the cached thumbnails, your customizations you made in both the custom.

But if you make sure you test before you update — you will avoid a TON of issues! I would really appreciate it. I’m always terrified of updates and how they will affect everything plugins, themes, etc. It got many ultimate SEO options and great admin panel that helps to control each and every thing without hassle. But you might want to test this before you perform the update.

It has some custom code and it uses a number of my plugins, which sort of stand in for custom PHP.

How to Upgrade to Thesis 1.8.6

I use thesis framework and have designed my site my way. I might wait until 2. So just follow the manual installation procedure rather download thesis 1.8.5 the automatic procedure if you are trying to get it. Eagerly awaiting its release.

Thesis Customization Services

Now, off to upgrade more sites. No matter how good Thesis or any other Theme is, you still have to set download thesis 1.8.5 your website and make it your own. A huge part of the effort had nothing to do with CSS or pixels; instead, it was about going back through all the old content and repackaging it in a more useful, more download thesis 1.8.5 way. I do know that Chris has committed to updating Thesis 1 in the event that it needs to download thesis 1.8.5 in order to stay compatible with WordPress recognizing that now Thesis 2 has been out for almost 2 years, this is the first that Thesis 1 had to be updated since then.


Though, there is no official word on if upcoming Thesis addons are going to be paid or free. Here are changelog for Thesis 1.

You have to have FTP working properly on your site here or you have to have access to your file manager in your hosting account.

S if you emailed me, I would reply to your email, download thesis 1.8.5. But you might want to test this before you perform the update. Download ThesisThesis 1. download thesis 1.8.5

This will create the following file type which is saved to your computer: If you have any questions or want to discuss the article? The licensing just sucks – big time. Hopefully Chris Pearson will figure out a better installation method.

That and download thesis 1.8.5 to see if the theme you are using breaks.


If everything looks good — click on the Activate button and it will now be turned up live! There it is, okay.

Thesis Released! If You Updated WordPress – YOU NEED THIS

Hello Hesham, I’m download thesis 1.8.5 Genesis user. I know you can’t make any guarantees but I find that comforting still. How to Upgrade to Thesis 1. I read another post download thesis 1.8.5 about why you gave Thesis 3 out of Here are some noteworthy features in Thesis 1. At least I backed up everything just in case! This is about 8 hours of video.

Like so many other bloggers I was excited and enticed by the allure of updating to version 3. In this session we show how to Upgrade to Thesis 1.

Contact Info Skype – tailoringtheweb rick byobwebsite. Troubleshooting a Broken Thesis Upgrade. So you want to make sure if something is not working right.

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We demonstrate the upgrade process using two ways. Installation download thesis 1.8.5 explained in the files though, and I also provide a free installation! Green which got many new features and bug fixes.