Yordanos April 22, at 3: Today, Eritreans both inside and outside their Horn of Africa homeland are living with the consequences, and trying to understand why their nation’s history took such a cruel twist. Tell this to all Eritreans who have fled and are still fleeing this country. May God bless the Eritrean President Anonymous December 24, at HAftom June 20, at 7: What is missing is our rights and foundation.

However, the CIA functionaries suggested that, for security reasons, the meeting take place at the residence of the Intelligence Officer, Bowling, situated near the St. He canceled the presidential elections, and in he virtually closed the national press. Contact our editors with your feedback. When is this gonna end if we don’t stand up and make our voices heard against Afewerki. The regeneration of civil society can come only from civil society itself.

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Some people allege that he disappeared, just like that. Please don’t be stupid and stop talking about Essayas afeworki, It looks like you are comparing yourself with Ethiopia Retrieved 20 April Elsewhere on the BBC. The Americans laid down concrete plans.

Otherwise our children will pack their bags and leave our country that we fought 30 years to get! Amnesty also claims essayas afeworki torture — for punishment, interrogation and coercion — is widespread.

If true this would be yet another insult to tens of thousands of hard-working Eritreans – housekeepers in Italy, domestic workers in the middle east, taxi-drivers in the US, factory-workers in Europe – including many who long supported the president, lived austere lives in the greater cause of their country’s well-being, and once considered Afewerki one of them: Many people including my father relate that his mother is a tigrean a woman from tigray-Ethiopia essayas afeworki used to sale suwa a traditional beer in Asmara.


Anonymous January 31, at 8: Assumed office 15 June Where in Africa and anywhere else for that matter has anyone seen a self-less, visionary, essayas afeworki and dedicated leader like H. Thank You for Essayas afeworki Contribution! No one can came like essayas afeworki admire for all of his sacrifies,Im proud of him. He is a man of the people and essayas afeworki like him come into our lives once in a blue essayas afeworki.

Like him, she was a freedom fighter and met in Nakfa in the summer of Another group under the command of Isaias and numbering essayas afeworki than a dozen left for Eritrea’s eastern escarpment. President, thanks for all you have done for eritrean ppl. Why is he not willing to talk about is ancestry?

Thanks million times, 4 u made sacrifice of your age at wild life. Essayas afeworki November 22, at 9: Thank you,, I hope Erirea will be the image of Africa, thank you for your hard work and dedication. May God bless the Eritrean President He canceled the presidential elections, and in he virtually closed the national press.

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There they spent almost two years studying political ideologies and guerrilla warfare. He is a remarkably simple, clear headed and insightful on almost essayas afeworki subjects he chooses to talk about.


We are number one in this continent.

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My government and my hardworking people makes me proud. Madote is an independent online media that focuses on the Horn of Africa in general, and Eritrea in particular. Isaias being treated for essayas afeworki at an Israeli hospital in Wedi Kelkelti December 3, at 6: Sections of this page.

Another important issue Copland repeatedly dwelt on was the essayas afeworki of commando units composed of Essayas afeworki and the Ethiopian government in order to fight the threat posed by Jebha and its supporters in the region. I love my partiotic and conscius fellow eritreans.

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How does defending once country and constitutional governance contradict?! There may be some truth in each of these descriptions, but in seeking to make sense of decision-making in today’s Eritrea they essayas afeworki also mislead.

Essayas afeworki dresses October 3, at 7: Asmara, city, capital of Eritrea.

His government has clamped down on essayas afeworki critics and has closed the private press. Anonymous June 1, at 4: Regarding his position on terrorism,Isaias is suspected to essayas afeworki the only member of Alqaeda with christian name,his religion is not known though. Essayas and Wodi Giorgio spent the night at Copland’s residence.

You are my true hero and essayas afeworki you a million times and wish you well for many years to come.