Kids and adults can learn all about staying safe online and avoiding dangers such as cyber bullying. We have just released Typing Tournament. It features easy-to-read articles and kid-friendly graphics to help kids learn about a whole host of topics related to health and safety. Promoting Rational Reform of School Mathematics http: Math Word Problems for Children http:

Not all websites focus on elementary math skills. Which former president owned a pet goat while living in the White House? Both technology experts and those just getting started will find plenty of tips and resources on this site. We found out about it while we read a book from our library about coding. America at War Discover American history through war. Where can I practice fractions?

Kids will be surprised homeworkspot com elementary science all of the cool facts that they learn and they may spark some interesting discussions in the classroom. Not all websites focus on elementary math skills. Although most of them are interesting in having conversational English lessons, which are fairly easy, some want to practice specific things. These resources offer free coding activities for kids.

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It also includes a progress-tracking feature so teachers and parents can see what kids know. Math Maven’s Mysteries from Scholastic http: Whether students are looking to learn a foreign language or improve their English language skills, these sites are designed to help.

Games for Change gets kids thinking about problem-solving and social issues by providing them with unique games to play. Internet Polyglot offers free videos, homeworkspot com elementary science, and other resources to help language learners memorize words in a new language.


Getting to Campus Tips on applying, deciding homeworkspot com elementary science more.

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Explore the following resources: The website offers free, easy lessons to help kids learn some of the basics of coding. For even more science-specific resources, check out the Ultimate Guide to Teaching Science. Abstract Algebra Online http: Google Translate is a free translation service provided by Google. Math Word Problems homeworkspot com elementary science Children http: It offers the most content in math, but also has courses in science, economics, test prep, and more.

WebMath from Discovery School http: Logic Games for K-8 from FunBrain http: The more balls bouncing, the noisier the classroom is, reminding students to quiet down and focus on their work. Kids can learn about the symphony and classical music homeworkspot com elementary science even build their own musical skills by learning through ear training or playing instruments online.

December 11, at 2: Creating an account allows users to access audio versions of many of the titles as well, making it an ideal site for auditory learners and homeworkspot com elementary science with learning disabilities.

Where can I get help with geography? December 10, at Find games and activities for early readers, as well as texts for advanced readers, in this collection of high-quality reading websites.

Promoting Rational Reform of School Mathematics http: January 9, homeworkspot com elementary science 1: For general homework questions and help studying for that big test, students should check out this collection of websites. Where can I download math worksheets?

McGruff the Crime Dog has been helping kids learn about safety for decades.


Not only have we rounded up the top free sites […]. Texts are organized by grade-level and theme. If you are working with ELL students please homeworkspot com elementary science our website as well- http: The Math Forum’s mission is to provide resources, materials, activities, person-to-person interactions, and educational products and services that enrich and support teaching and learning in an increasingly technological world.

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Mathematics from the High School Hub http: The site allows students to read reviews written by their peers and helps them find the perfect book. These arcade-style games are a lot of fun homeworkspot com elementary science many accompany the lessons found on the site.

KidsHealth is the top website for kids to learn about their bodies and their health. Find answers to more questions Math from the Multnomah County Library http: Internet Resources for Mathematics Like reading and writing, math is a skill we use daily.

All of the games are kid-friendly. Lesson plans help teachers incorporate the games in the classroom. Which former president owned a homeworkspot com elementary science goat while living in the White House? If not, share them in the comments.