This is carried out by working to improve coordination within DFAIT and with federal partners and relevant stakeholders, and by utilizing advice provided from missions to develop whole-of-government approaches that integrate different organizational mandates and perspectives to advance Canadian interests and values. This model integrates people, project, service delivery and financial strategies. Expanding and deepening our trade and investment relationships will contribute to inclusive, sustainable economic growth, job creation, innovation and new opportunities for Canadian businesses. A measurable performance or success level that an organization, program or initiative plans to achieve within a specified time period. DFAIT continues to face budgetary constraints, like other federal departments and agencies.

DFAIT developed a multi-year Integrated Risk Management action plan, and will continue to implement key initiatives to create tangible improvements in planning and reporting, service delivery, policy advice, decision making, and accountability. The department will work with the UN, G-7, G, NATO and in other multilateral forums, implementing agreements like the Canada-Europe Strategic Partnership Agreement to promote Canadian priorities, such as poverty alleviation, democracy, respect for human rights and international security through:. Migrated 52, mailboxes to the enterprise email system migrated 4, mailboxes as of March 31, Closed 62 legacy data centres Reduced data centre square footage to , square feet from , square feet Reduced Numbers of physical servers to 19, from 23, Reduced physical servers by: More broadly, the department will promote Canada’s interests within committees of the World Trade Organization e. Finally, it will communicate and monitor its ongoing commitment to consistent and equitable delivery of common services, according to measurable service standards.

Operating in complex and challenging security environments abroad may affect the security of Canadian personnel, dependents, locally engaged staff and mission visitors. It will develop a department-wide emergency integrated corporate business plan dfatd training program that will first be offered to key players, such as heads of missions and management-consular officers of the Foreign Service.

Competition for resources to support departmental priorities and change management: International Commercial and Consular Services for Canadians 2. DFAIT will develop and implement a senior management outreach strategy to partners and allies.

Over the course of the last year, an Integrated Risk Management Policy has been developed to strengthen the management of risk across the department, specify accountabilities for key risk management activities, and ensure that the workplace has the capacities and tools to be innovative.

This sub-program facilitates centralized decision making on property planning and project management so that the Government of Canada receives timely and cost-effective property services and maintenance in support of its programs abroad. The OAE provides reasonable assurance on: Contribute to international peace, security integrated corporate business plan dfatd humanitarian assistance, through renewed leadership and constructive international engagement.


Promote democracy and respect for human rights and contribute to effective global governance. Offering telecommunications and IT support at the ports of entry into Canada and receiving areas Establishing telephone areas in welcoming centres, allowing individuals to contact loved ones back in Syria Helping partner organizations such as Canada Border Services Agency, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada IRCC and Service Canada, to operate effectively Participated as integrated corporate business plan dfatd of the first departments to migrate its web content to the new Canada.

It has not been altered or updated after the date of archiving. To provide quality service for our customers. Indicator did not exist Footnote DFAIT’s program activities flow directly from its strategic outcomes as follows: The articulation of strategic choices, which provides information on how an organization intends to achieve its priorities and associated results.

Key countries of focus will be Afghanistan, Sudan and Haiti. This program activity is responsible for issuing, revoking, withholding and recovering Canadian passports, as well as for providing instruction on their use.

Canadian businesses will integrated corporate business plan dfatd greater access to international technology networks, partners and resources in those sectors aligned with the Global Integrated corporate business plan dfatd Action Plan.

Integrated Business Plan 2016–2017

This review will be informed by lessons learned from integrated corporate business plan dfatd experience and the advice of experts.

For example, the department will partner with the United States to support ongoing civilian and military uplift in Afghanistan; continue to cooperate with American-led efforts to enhance Middle East security by developing an international response to counter arms smuggling to Gaza; support United States leadership in addressing Iranian nuclear proliferation concerns; and coordinate with the United States to advocate for democracy, human rights and the rule of law in Africa. The department will continue to pursue expanded trade opportunities with several countries, including Israel, Integrated corporate business plan dfatd, Algeria and members of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

It is not subject to the Government of Canada Web Standards and has not been altered or updated since it was archived.

Planning and performance

Canada facilitated the Dubai Process as the prime mechanism for Afghanistan-Pakistan border management. For example, the Anti-Crime Capacity Building Program, with a focus on the Americas, will continue efforts to enhance the ability of beneficiary states to investigate and prosecute transnational organized crime.

Integrated corporate business plan dfatd of State of Foreign Affairs Americas: Because Internal Services support all DFAIT priorities, the planning highlights integrated corporate business plan dfatd below is not organized according to priority.

Through this program activity, the department develops policies and programs that enable it to influence the international agenda, in accordance with Canadian interests and values. Canada has an important role to play in promoting inclusive prosperity, where economic growth within Canada and around the world, produces tangible benefits for everyone.

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These systems operate on a series of networks, minimizing the standardization and consistency of services. What an organization did with its integrated corporate business plan dfatd to achieve its results, how well those results compare to what the organization intended to achieve, and how well lessons learned have been identified. Canada will demonstrate leadership on SDG 5: The department maintains a mission network of infrastructure and services to enable the Government of Canada to achieve its international priorities.

Departmental Plan

Canada is committed to promoting a rules-based, progressive and inclusive international agenda that constructively advances Canadian peace and security interests. SSC also saw an enhanced level of employee engagement from January to June as the Way Forward generated higher volumes of communications and engagement planning, activities and interest.

A time-limited program that does not have an ongoing funding and policy authority. Market access barriers faced by Canadian industry abroad integrated corporate business plan dfatd international trade disputes are resolved or mitigated. Selected authorities and accountabilities will be integrated corporate business plan dfatd from headquarters to these centres to improve service responsiveness. Canadian leadership is proving that international trade can create shared prosperity, where economic growth serves the middle class and those working hard to join it.

It has a spelling or grammar mistake. A qualitative or quantitative means of measuring an output or outcome, with the intention of gauging the performance of an organization, program, policy or initiative respecting expected results. This sub-program provides development assistance that complements targeted interventions of other development programming, and enables the continued engagement of Canadians as integrated corporate business plan dfatd citizens.

You will see in the IBP we are striving to deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Support the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness in a review of existing measures to protect Canadians and our critical infrastructure from cyber-threats.

The centre will address all hazards outside Canada, including those related to security, consular issues, pandemics and natural disasters.

It will focus on improving the accuracy of data currently in its Human Resources Management System HRMS and on increasing the timeliness of new data entries.

Not Available Footnote 5. Many of the challenges facing Canada, the United States and Mexico require North American solutions that respect the differences of the three sovereign countries but take into account the countries’ interdependence as neighbours with solid bilateral relationships. In the Planned Results tables below, footnotes are used to identify instances where actual results from previous years are not available because: Archived Content Information identified as archived on the Web is for reference, research or recordkeeping purposes. The Strengthening Security at Missions Abroad Fund and the Critical Infrastructure Protection Program will continue to allow the department to adapt to the changing nature of security needs. Degree to which, on a scale of 1 to 5, key influencers are reached through events, visits and outreach programs. Is a measure of the extent to which an employee represents a full person-year charge against a departmental budget.

Degree to which, on a scale of 1 to 5, protocol services facilitate interactions between Canadian and foreign decision makers at summit and multilateral events. The frequency and complexity of cyber security attacks pose a threat to Government of Canada IT infrastructure and networks that house critical data and provide services to Canadians. Maintain and enhance IT continuity processes to protect critical government services and infrastructure. Knowledge and awareness of FSD benefits and related services will be ensured as a result of focused outreach to Canada-based staff at headquarters and missions, and via pre-posting briefings. The project will leverage the procurement of an enterprise-level ITSM tool to support the maturing of enterprise-wide service management processes. International assistance envelope resources, priorities and performance are effectively managed by providing leadership in integrated planning, management and reporting.

The integrated corporate business plan dfatd will also continue to seek to increase the number of countries that sign the Convention on integrated corporate business plan dfatd Civil Aspects of International Child Abductionand will provide assistance to signatory countries that face implementation difficulties.

A human resources mapping project was initiated, which will result in simplifying and improving HR processes. We worked to prepare for the G Summit in Toronto, which addressed key global issues including the importance of fiscal consolidation and fighting protectionism.

As part of an overall push to improve the department’s policy capacity and deepen the global mission network’s policy development role, the department will promote policy integration between headquarters and missions by identifying regional bureaus and missions to coordinate on key issues and interests.

Global Affairs Canada is exposed to a broad set of risks that could impede its ability to achieve its planned results. It will pursue excellence in global service delivery by ensuring that Canadians receive reliable and consistent service anywhere, by strengthening passport security, by improving identity verification and entitlement of applicants, and by enhancing management practices to better anticipate and respond to future needs.

The Understanding Canada program will support international research and teaching about Canada as well as student mobility. The greater participation of Canadians in the international community, including in global hot spots, puts a heightened onus on DFAIT’s consular services, which aim to protect the lives and interests integrated corporate business plan dfatd Canadians travelling, working or living abroad.

Information identified as archived on the Web is for reference, research or recordkeeping purposes.


Report on Plans and Priorities

It enables the department to shape the international agenda by delivering diplomacy and advocacy at the bilateral, regional and multilateral levels. Report a problem or mistake on this page. The department also leads coordinated Canadian responses to crises and natural disasters abroad, including the provision of humanitarian assistance.

More broadly, the department will promote Integrated corporate business plan dfatd interests within committees of the World Trade Organization e. The separation of SMDC allows clarity in responsibilities and accountabilities. SSC is responsible for the consolidation of 63 independently managed email systems across the Government of Canada to establish a single, secure, cost-effective email system. The level of sophistication and the complexity of cyber threats encountered by the Government of Canada is constantly increasing.

Together, they support the results and delivery agenda through numerous actions, including overseeing the implementation of outcomes-based approaches, identifying appropriate results, and working across departments to integrated corporate business plan dfatd Government-wide priorities.

Foreign Affairs, Trade and Integrated corporate business plan dfatd Canada. This work allows Canada to advance its economic and political interests, to be more engaged in the international community, and to assist Canadians working, living and travelling abroad. Telecommunications refers to transmission of voice and data within and across an enterprise. The department will continue to pursue expanded trade opportunities with several countries, including Israel, Morocco, Algeria and members of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

The agency will continue to build an engaged workforce, a supportive workplace, and a learning environment aimed at renewed capacity building and competency profiles as well as innovation. The department will use its recently opened corporate services Innovation Hub to rapidly prototype and test a range of innovations to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of internal services. Co-locators include Crown corporations, provincial integrated corporate business plan dfatd and foreign governments.

In —17, SSC will put more emphasis on communications and engagement of employees to continue building the Blueprint culture going forward.

The department is committed to helping build a strong, rules-based international system. DFATD also provides advice and services to help Canadian businesses succeed abroad, fosters foreign direct investment in Canada and supports international innovation, science and technology.

Increased civil society influence on the responsiveness of public institutions to the needs and rights of people and entities as a result of DFATD support. To better support Canadian businesses, DFAIT opened new missions and increased staff in key emerging markets, while adding integrated corporate business plan dfatd new regional office in Canada.

Percentage of clients who are highly satisfied with the quality of the services delivered by the department. Increased equitable access to integrated and comprehensive health services for children and mothers in countries where DFATD engages in development programming.

Canadian missions abroad and mission partners receive timely and efficient real property services in support of programs abroad. The Department will also continue to pursue a government-wide perspective on IT risk which acknowledges the central role that SSC plays in supporting partners and clients across the GC. The broad investment climate will be improved through transparent effective regulation, respect for the rule of law and increased accountability of public institutions.

PSPC Ministerial Priorities Relevant to SSC Ministerial Priority Commitment Outcomes 1 Integrated corporate business plan dfatd of Transformation Plan Support the President of the Treasury Board in reporting on the integrated corporate business plan dfatd of existing enterprise-wide transformation initiatives in advance of Budgetincluding making recommendations on actions to ensure successful completion of complex enterprise initiatives, including a review of Shared Services Canada’s Transformation Plan.


Report on Plans and Priorities 2015-16

International assistance envelope resources, priorities and performance are effectively managed by providing leadership in integrated planning, management and reporting.

Entire lifecycle services are being implemented at SSC, and this organizational change will allow one branch to maintain strong ties with partners over the entire course of integrated corporate business plan dfatd to ensure both accurate understanding of their needs, and consistent and transparent communication.

Canadians are better informed and well prepared to travel safely and responsibly. The safety and security of staff and assets abroad will be supported through the ongoing implementation of physical security measures under the Critical Infrastructure Protection Program, integrated corporate business plan dfatd Strengthening Security at Missions Abroad envelope, the mitigation of seismic risks to Crown-owned properties, and the continued and timely physical-security response to emerging crises.

Support international security and the safety of Canadians abroad.

Global Affairs Canada will also work with other government departments to ensure a coordinated integrated corporate business plan dfatd to pursuing Canadian interests, including in the areas of foreign, defence, development and trade policy.

We will promote Canada as an attractive commercial partner, including through expanded international science, technology and innovation partnerships, and deepen commercial engagement in Latin America, Asia and Africa. As part of this strategy, the Service Management Transformation Directorate has been formed and is responsible for several major activities including Service Catalogue evolution and the Service Authorization process, as well as the critical ITSM Roadmap Implementation Project.

Met all Implement a comprehensive strategy for Canada-United States relations on such issues as the global economy and trade relations, peace and security, the border, energy and climate change, Afghanistan and the Integrated corporate business plan dfatd Performance reporting production de rapports sur le rendement: As an indicator of success to date with transformation, DFAIT has delivered the results outlined in this document while holding spending growth to one percent, demonstrating the increased flexibility in departmental operations.

Among other development assistance objectives, Global Affairs Canada will continue efforts to promote economic and social inclusion throughout the region. This will include an examination of departmental values and ethical risks, updated and targeted training initiatives based on identified needs, and an analysis of trends integrated corporate business plan dfatd harassment complaints and disclosure cases to determine any deficiencies and whether corresponding changes are required in departmental policies or approaches.

A top priority for the Department in the year ahead is to revise the Transformation Plan to ensure that its scope, underlying assumptions and timelines are reasonable, affordable, and aligned to government priorities and industry best practices.