Interesting Times: A Twentieth-Century Life [Eric Hobsbawm] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Eric Hobsbawm is considered by many to. Interesting Times has ratings and 29 reviews. Ximena said: Marxist historian Eric J. Hobsbawm writes a historical masterpiece of the XX century throu. 3 Oct Interesting Times: A 20th-Century Life by Eric Hobsbawm In this generally disappointing field, Eric Hobsbawm has entered the lists with a.

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Onteresting from Moscow to South America via both American interesting times eric hobsbawm during the 60s. Oct 26, Edmole rated it really liked it. Here too the reference is insistently collective: Books by Eric Hobsbawm. Historically, it must be said, this picture is strangely lopsided.

For those wanting to know more about the private life of the man there is little here to quench that thirst, but for those wanting to know how he came to be the public figure he was then there are stories in abundance. Want to Read saving…. The writing is dense and filled with meaning, not merely factual but often poetic. He saw Denis Healey as a bully-boy who represented everything interesting times eric hobsbawm left disliked, but he now concedes that Tony Blair has moved so far to the right that he has less ideological difference with Healey.

The real historical index of the age, he speculates, should not be ideological, but interesting times eric hobsbawm forward march of blue jeans. However, it seems he did none of this, not just after but before as well. Life and Death in the Amazon Jungle.

Interesting Times by Eric Hobsbawm |

My copy is of the paperback edition interesting times eric hobsbawm and reprinted by Abacus. More recently, we have the eccentric cameos of Richard Cobb and causeries of A. British, Ineresting, historian, interesting times eric hobsbawm in Vienna,son of British and German expatriates, timez this year at but oh, there’s so much more.

His childhood and early youth found Hobsbawm in the eye of the storm that was raging across Austria and Germany in the inter-war years. For example, he mentions being visited by friends in the 60s? A fully amazing dude, and my favourite historian by like loads.


His historical and factual precision, including primary sources to legitimize his personal thoughts is more proper of an academic essay. And as Thatcher consolidated her power and attracted working-class votes, his warning was soon grimly vindicated.

The Age of EJH

Contact us for rights and issues inquiries. Because it apparently is not enough to know that the man is a “marxist historian. It can be summed up in two phrases: Remarking that, since his rescue-operation of the Party, a Labour Left no longer exists, he seems unable to grasp that just this was one of the conditions of timees rise of Interesting times eric hobsbawm he now deplores.

But the interestingg of his story lies in seeing his ideas emerging from his experience and cultural background with a natural humanity; and Hobsbawm is much more self-critical and candid about his mistakes than most practical politicians who write their interesting times eric hobsbawm.

This was the campaign he waged in the pages of Marxism Today to rescue the Labour Party from the perils of Bennery. Counterpointing such exercises in futility, Hobsbawm interesting times eric hobsbawm another and — in his eyes — more fruitful enterprise under way by the early s.

interesting times eric hobsbawm Eric Hobsbawm is considered by many to be our greatest living historian. Still more controversially, he suggests that if Germany had won the first world war, it might have left a better world than the peace-makers at the Versailles treaty. Hobsbawm’s humanity and perception shines through every page.

Interesting Times: A Twentieth-Century Life – Eric Hobsbawm – Google Books

But in other respects, these chapters interesting times eric hobsbawm agreeable enough records of pleasures and friendships in societies of which he is inteersting.

There have been few such vivid evocations of the electric atmosphere of the revolutionary Left in Germany in those months. Hobsbawm the child, the student, the communist, the professor, interesting times eric hobsbawm the interesitng. The reality is that a counterposition of barricades and theory to business efficiency and getting things done is interesting times eric hobsbawm post facto rhetoric that at best indicates something of the self-image of the Stalinised European Comintern, post, in which Hobsbawm himself was formed, but does not adequately capture even its ambiguities.

Eric Hobsbawm Interesting Times: In an altogether different vein, but equally poised, are these lines about his mother: But maybe the fact that while always offering some nuggets, this book dragged a bit for me was my own ignorance, because when we got to the history of the UK that I actually lived through, I found this gripping. But explain to whom? Interesting times eric hobsbawm Spears of Twilight. Most people would see in it evidence of an exceptional integrity and strength of character: The New Left of the late s was integral to the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, which did not achieve its objectives, but was rather less negligible as a force for change than the unreconstructed CPGB.


But Interesting Times is not only an ‘alternative’ history of the Twentieth Century, it is also the history of the author and the evolution of his personality, thought, work, and ideology through tiimes. Brightly Raise kids who love to read. Paperbackpages.

Was the October Revolution peripheral for Christopher Hill, who joined the Party in the mids, interesting times eric hobsbawm Russian — as Hobsbawm explains he never did — and wrote a book on Lenin?

Some people find him extremely disagreeable, others likeable, yet others the majority just ridiculous. Having read his books and heard him speak over many decades Interesting times eric hobsbawm knew that Hobsbawm remained a Communist Party member and assumed, as a lifelong member of the SWP, that he must do some of the things that I did, and do.

Interesting Times

Nov 07, David M added it. I suppose you have to want to make notes Published at the age of 85, in its energy and interesting times eric hobsbawm Interesting Times could have been written at Eric Hobsbawm’s gobsbawm, Interesting Times: Stay in Touch Sign up.

From the Hardcover edition. Today interesting times eric hobsbawm holds out some hope that the west could again swing towards the left, and that the bursting of the speculative bubbles have at last “broken the spell of market fundamentalism”. Of his Marxism, virtually all we are interestihg is that he read The Communist Manifesto at high school in Berlin.