Nació en Santiago de Chile. Procedente de familia acomodada. Estudió en la Universidad de Chile y Princeton. En publica “Coronación”. Coronacion by Jose Donoso, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. La voz que narra este relato, fluye infatigable de los labios de Mudito, como en un viaje desde el ser hacia la nada, elaborando un mundo destinado, por la.

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Se percata de que debe terminarlo. While the entire book is disturbingly captivating–really, like a nightmare–there is one scene, the most horrendously bizarre, twisted scene I’ve ever read, that will forever haunt me. Views Read Edit View history. I really need to read this again. I read josd quite a while ago and it’s one of those books I keep telling myself to read again because I missed too much the first time through. Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico.

I also came across one of the weirdest mythical creatures ever, the Chilean imbunche google this at your own risk.

Coronacion : Jose Donoso :

In which case we must give thanks to our translators because I had a similar response to the English-ed. Every man who has reached even his intellectual teens begins to suspect that life is no farce; that it is not genteel comedy even; that it flowers and fructifies on the contrary out of the profoundest tragic depths of the essential death in which its subject’s roots are plunged.

Rosario Farnesio de Bernal I haven’t decided on a rating for this because it’s so unreal that I can’t come to terms with it yet. I was delighted by the wild morbidity of Donoso’s imagery; the Chilean author’s unrestricted fantasy is so artistically outrageous that that my baroque taste for excess was fully satisfied. Inhe traveled to Mexico and Central America.

El obsceno pájaro de la noche (Spanish Edition)

This page was last edited on 27 Augustat Thanks for telling us about the problem. I would also advise the corlnacion to not read this book while eating. Martin and Leonard Mades, who allow the frequent monolithic stretches of stream-of-consciousness to retain their beguiling beauty and expressive power.


Marcello Foissec. Nicola Lagioiasec. Someone could probably go through book with donos fine tooth comb and untangle the mess of chronology, points of view and who in fact is the narrator and who is the I in each and every scene. Old, moth-eaten women They say Quotes from The Obscene Bird They seem like a row of empty houses, the deserted setting of a movie, in which a single mad janitor enters them randomly and, for a moment, infuses them with life.

Open Preview See a Problem? There is father killing and motherfucking and impossible creatures and fairy tales and all of those things that people love about dreams. Maurizio Cucchiter.

Edit Storyline The traumatic story of an old bourgueoise in Mexico City, his relationship with his crazy grandmother, his sexually troubled past and his sick crush on the young and beautiful maid of the house. Anyways, it gives an interesting frame to the reading of the novel. What more could anyone want? In turn, the upper class, though immensely wealthy and the possessors of all manifestations of power, must forever guard against various pieces of their identity being collected by their servants; for in gossip and secrets, proximity to the sexual, mental, and physical quirks and hangups of their employer, the slave gains a vast potentiality for vengeance, mischief, and manipulation against the master.

The traumatic story of an old bourgueoise in Mexico City, his relationship with his crazy grandmother, his sexually troubled past and his sick crush on the young and beautiful maid of the house.

I had no idea who the narrators were half the time but I did enjoy it a lot. Someone could probably go through book with a fin About a hundred pages in, there is a scene where a shriveled elderly dwarf woman pretends to be the baby for an obese partially retarded teenage girl and the relationship between the two quickly turns disturbingly sexual.


Like dreams there can be an awful lot that is true and there can be just as much if not more that is only the projection of imagination, desires and wishes. The three narrative threads get inextricably entangled, so to destroy any self-deceiveng certainty the reader might have conceived; like a serpent swallowing its tail the novel revolves around itself, mercilessly abandoning the reader in the middle of a maze Every character slowly melds until the shifty “I” of the narrator becomes clear– not a trick, but the only solution to this multiplicity of self.

All the memories I have of the book are probably false ones, but there is a general sense of elaborate deaths and elaborate reactions to deaths in somewhat tropical surroundings.

Kindle Editionpages. Let aside this flaw, which is mostly a matter of personal taste, I enjoyed this novel very much.

Este hecho es el que de alguna manera les da el primer impulso a los personajes: National Prize for Literature Chile Audible Download Audio Books. This book was for me a grosteque hallucination. The point is that there is only one, though cironacion incarnation, its performed self, its sense of its own being and other’s interactions with it moves between a number of contradictory forms. We lose any grip on the story as it turns into a downward spiral dragging us down, down, down through the depths of sick, obscene fantasies and insane episodes of religious frenzy.

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