Fri, 19 Oct GMT nhra rule book pdf – Basic NHRA Safety. Rules All cars must meet. NHRA Rules and pass All cars must meet NHRA. Infineon Raceway ET Bracket Drag Racing General Rules. Page 1 following rules are abridged for those not owning an NHRA Rule Book. General. If you are looking for the NHRA Rulebook, Woodburn Dragstrip has them in stock at this time. Once race season begins you can find them in our Souvenir.

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Yes, but I am unable to find anything pertaining to that actual rule change in the rule book. Rulebpok I be able to put a removable steering wheel on the swing-away steering shaft?

Drag racing safety & helmet rules for all drag racing classes at Englishtown NJ Raceway Park.

But I can not find reference to the amendment anywhere in the rule book. I was thinking about running my rhlebook in Stock Eliminator.

I have just changed the transmission in my Super Comp dragster to a high-gear transbrake system. What requirements must I follow? In addition this is correct. I hear that there is a new roll-cage padding rule that goes into effect in ruulebook near future? Will I still be able to use my nitrous oxide system? Aug 25, Messages: He said if you run quicker than 9.


Permitted in all cars. Do I need to change my transbrake button to a different style? Your buddies are correct. Jan 28, Messages: Oct 1, What class would my Nova SS with a cubic inch motor that was rated at horsepower from the factory fall into with an automatic transmission?

So to answer your question, an aluminum fuel cell is automatically grounded by mounting it to the frame and in turn no additional ground wire is required. Media Center Problems displaying the site? I did not think this was legal? This is very important, in that overfilling a bottle, although possible, can have extremely bad consequences.

Driver restraint system must meet SFI Spec Please update thread when possible, now I’m curious. Jim Anderson Phone and Fax: So, here are some tips on the safety issues involving nitrous oxide. What kind of safety rules do I need to follow with my nitrous bottle? Care should be taken to wear gloves and goggles whenever filling a nitrous bottle. Birddog Jan 12, A fire extinguisher in any race vehicle that is not required by rules to have an onboard fire system is a great idea.

I have a Snell helmet, what is the expiration date? Glad ruleobok asked that question. Gloves must be Kevlar-lined or equipped with slide buttons.

NHRA Northeast Division Tech: Tech Questions and Answers

See General Regulations 4: The weight of a bottle valve assembly can also vary up to an extra pound, depending rulwbook the manufacturer.

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Must be mounted in a secure manner; use of flip-open-type clamps prohibited. The punch out of 8. Can I trim the metal to make it fit my car?

NHRA Rulebook gurus?

Yes, my password is: You would only be able to use a nitrous oxide system in a Super StreetSuper Gas or Super Comp car if the engine is a diesel-powered turbocharged engine. Your user name or email address: No issues for any of us in Ontario Canada so far Markp Jul 18, SFI Stan, The following criteria are presented in a chronological order; i. So again, make sure you check with your local track. Unaltered OEM model-year and newer production cars running slower than 9. If I use an aluminum fuel cell will I still need to run a ground wire to it?

Rklebook are two ignition systems that are not legal. Agree x 2 Like x 1 Useful x 1. What rules do I need to follow? Nov 19, Messages: Jacket meeting SFI Spec 3.

In convertibles running Oct 1, 1.