If you ahve not finiehd the book, do that this weekend! Solving Equations with tiles worksheet Per 1,6: How was your binder check score? Page 7 in your binder looks almost exactly like it. What mitosis has to do with families? You have 5 school days to bring grades up and finish strong.

Use your time wisely and do a good job. Spanish – Quiz tomorrow. Multiplying and dividing decimals practice – problems on half sheet of paper. Billings All classes are taking a pre-algebra mid-term exam tomorrow. Brown Post an answer to the question in your literature circle Google classroom with specific evidence from the text. Science – Ms Whitney 1. Is your script all done for your book trailer?

Stay after school on Tuesday and Thursday if you have any missing work.

World Geography We have started a new chapter in South America. Split the jobs up and get it all done!! Quiz on multiplying and dividing integers tomorrow.

Use that as a model to help you do the HW problems. LA – Book Club 2 due Wed. World Geography Your Mt Everest poem should be typed and printed for class tomorrow. Other Term 1 grades close tomorrow. Did you try to add osms grade 7 homework vocabulary? They need to be signed and returned.

Use your flash cards to study and this link: Erasable ones are great Binders – this is a personal choice and you have to start thinking about yourself as a student and how you best organize yourself: If you osms grade 7 homework room on the bottom of a page from where you did your warm up work in class, just date the page half way down and write homework.


Landforms and Bodies of Water Other 1.


A word bank will be provided. All work must be ready. Complete your study helper given in class this week. Did you turn that form in Google Classroom? Mr Brown handed out osms grade 7 homework form with some questions on it in class. Acton library also offers computer access. Finish Sale Price packet Per 1,6: Have a topic selected by tomorrow.

Know all 8 roots. You should have 5 osms grade 7 homework pages in your science binder. No more class time is being given to this so finish at home. You should have up to pages 16a and 16B in your binder. Doodle 4 Google due Friday. Be thorough and answer the prompts. Period 2 – Project O permission slip signed. Social Studies – 1,2,6: Half day on Wednesday. The homework review sheet was due today, but if you did not finish, please do it tonight to help you study.

Please read each box in the outline.

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osms grade 7 homework Get it done tonight in case we lose power tomrorow. You should have 14 pages in your math binder, all listed in your table of contents and numbered in the correct place. You should be halfway there after 3 days in the computer lab. Sign up for khan academy. We have 11 pages so far. Did you know how to use the vocabulary words in sentences?

Multiplying fractions wkst evens. Osms grade 7 homework the notes on pages You will have a quiz on this on Thursday, and you will be allowed to use page 18 to look up information during the quiz. Test and binder check tomorrow! Furniture calculations due tomorrow.

Know all 6 roots and pick 3 vocabulary words. Bring your own device if BC and WW are complete.

Other Enjoy having Friday and Monday off! The Edpuzzle seems to have a glitch in Google classroom, so don;t worry about it. Study session on Thurs. Furniture calculations due Wed.

Strategic Reading Read your novel osms grade 7 homework at least 15 minutes. What is mitosis packet Spanish: