Dristi from Middlesex, 17th November For example, they can enjoy their leisure time with their friends by participating in jungle trekking and beach outing that are organised by their school. It’s a great website and the tests are accurate and made well. I believe that if other subjects would be very useful and I would use it more if that was the case. It is very good but I want to try the test more than once only Max from Sunbury-on-Thames, 17th November Tilly from St Helens, 25th November

I think Educake is a very resourceful website and you because you can also study on the holidays of ur school which really helps u revise what u have learnt so far so u don’t forget By Haseea Haseea from Middlesex, 17th December Messages from Students I think educake is a fun interactive way to learn. It helped me to pass my tests.. Another thing great about educate is that you can also do lots of other tests that can help you with your homework before you do it to help you boost marks. I think its lovely because it online home work it better than writing every thing out all the time so that is good. I think Educake is very useful as teacher do not care if you go over the date it is set for and what mark you get meaning minimal effort is required.

I think Educake is good, but it must not repeat questions or make mistakes. Megan from Derby, 25th Show my homework south molton Educake is show my homework south molton amazing website show my homework south molton can help you revise for tests. Another thing great about educate is that you can also do lots of other tests that can help you with your homework before you do it to help you boost marks. Kind regards, Tegan Tegan from Wakefield, 7th November Companies and securities 51 For instance, there are several broad categories of options over equity derivatives: I think educake uis a very good website because you can set yourself home work and also do what your science teachers set you I love science so I find this website very helpful for me to complete all my science homework at home THANKYOU!


The last thing you can do well is that you can see how good your topic has done. Bullying is a very popular I have divided my sample paper into 3 sections specifying the My Bullying Essay For school — Quotev My English teacher had us do an essay on bullying so i figured i would post it and see what response i would get. Noor from Lancashire, 10th January Tajwar from Barnstaple, 31st October Charlotte from Kent, 3rd April However, it would be great to be ablie to re-do the test again.

How to prevent bullying in school spm essay

One thing I think could improve this website is if at the end of a quiz it could tell show my homework south molton my next steps and what I could do to boost my mark. I think educake is an amzing resource and loads really well bevause where I live in a rural part of Devon it’s rrally hard to load revision apps, however some of the questions are a tad ambiguous.

show my homework south molton This has resulted in many attempts and campaigns to do away with bullying all together. This meant that the bullies are likely to suffer from a range of problems than the children who are uninvolved. Codyrae from West Midlands, 22nd February Emma from Kent, 17th March Jasmine from West Sussex, 1st March I think educate is a helpful revision technique for science as you can answer questions on topics your weak on.

Good because you get instant feedback Lauren from West Sussex, 26th June A very useful revision tool. Awesome, great idea show my homework south molton well executed. Educational and fun to have Daniel from London, 4th October Below are also a number of links to websites to help you prepare: I think educake is a nice educational website always keeping you on the edge of your seat with questions you don’t expect to come up.


I would suggest that when we do our homework set by the teacher that we are able to do show my homework south molton more than one time so you can reflect on it. JaidaMai from Hampshire, 31st March Year 7 geography homework help treningnl.

Mills from Gloucestershire, 22nd February I learnt new things that my teacher has not taught me yet but may show my homework south molton in the future.

I think educake is a very useful way to revise topics that we have gone through in lessons.

Rhys from Shifnal, 6th November Thank you This entry is by a student. I like it because you get to see where you went wrong and where you got the questions right.

Show my homework south molton

It great and i love it because it is not boring and i understand it more than i understand in class. I think that educake is a fantastic website Sara from Berkshire, show my homework south molton September Maja from St Helens, 29th November I think Educake is brilliant and it is a good way to learn science.

Great Shrie from West Sussex, 22nd February Maame from Bedford, 13th December MarieTherese from Oxfordshire, 2nd April