2 quotes from Go Kiss the World: Life Lessons For The Young Professional: ‘ Open your mind before you open your mouth’. 7 Jan Go Kiss The World is an extract taken from the Welcome Address by Chief Operating Officer, MindTree Consulting, o Bagchi. 21 Dec Go, Kiss The World book starts off with Bagchi’s story behind the title, where he recounts the last time he visited his ailing mother in hospital.

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There was no electricity in the whole district, and Bagchi had never seen a single fan running in it.

Key Lessons for Breakthrough Growth: The people who were in the fuselage escaped miraculously as the rear section slid out on the snow. First part of the book is about the early years of the author. Go Kiss the Subroto bagchi go kiss the world Yet to read Losing my Virginity! A handbook for each and every budding professional who can bet their life against any odd to develop something constructive.

Go Kiss The World: Dec 06, Nidhi rated it it was ok Shelves: Subroto Bagchi had come from the USA to see her and remained in the hospital for two weeks.

Life Lessons for the Young Professional.

Go Kiss the World Quotes

Coping with Midlife Crisis. The author literally opens up: Email required Address never made public. I am really surprised seeing good reviews about this book. When Subroto asked her what did she see with those blind eyes, his mother replied that she do not see darkness but subroto bagchi go kiss the world sees the light.


I generally don’t read self help book they make me feel even more helpless But this one was quite fascinating.

Bagchi came from such a family and became a successful entrepreneur; you can get a lot of lessons from his story. Describes about his childhood days and his family. It is the way the seemingly inanimate world speaks to you. If I were to knock on any other surface, the sound will be very different, varied each time.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The lessons to take away are many and very true too. Bagchi had it too. The man is frightened and doesn’t want to go near the tiger. God does laugh even at Subroto every now and then, and to overcome this he shows how a heads down approach has worked very well for him, and should work for most of us too. Is it the tiger or the man’s greed? Try to be a good human being before trying to be a good leader.

Each time, without fail. This was in a true sense my first management book and I loved how simply Subroto Bagchi has described his ascetic subroto bagchi go kiss the world and hardships of the early job. In reality, everything is living.

Author imposes a clear message how one can easily succeed by being simple, knowledgeable, able to deal with different persons, showing empathy, listening to the people, etc. No matter from where he belongs, not in consideration whether he has food to live up, but the passion inside you is enough to ignite a sparkle.

Question and Answers Q: His father never used the jeep to commute to the office and taught the same lesson to Subroto, telling him that it is an expensive resource given by the government.


To be a good leader, one must first be a good human being. However, he has this way of wrapping up those subroto bagchi go kiss the world in quirky sentences and it appealed to me.

He started learning all that he could from rather strange sources. Mother Teresa once said, ‘God does not require us to succeed, he only asks us to try. Miss free to contact him for any doubt or information.

Although, some things like names and their history were dull, little stories of Bagchi kept me going. Bagchi never forces you to take any tips. A excellent motivational book!

Go Kiss the World Quotes by Subroto Bagchi

This book is like a memoir of Subroto Bagchi explaining his life subroto bagchi go kiss the world how he achieved success in his life. Swaroop N Certified Buyer 6 Feb, This is something most bosses find difficult to do because they do not know that in order to listen, you must first suspend all judgement.

You trust strangers and hence, strangers trust you. Normally in Kisw a real middle class boy fears to take risk, and leaves a normal life with a secure job. First things first, this is NOT a book about how Mindtree came subroto bagchi go kiss the world being, and it certainly is not about how the company changed the way Sheer simplicity with which Mr.