6 Oct The Gujarat Town Planning and Urban Development Act, Collection folkscanomy_law. Language English. Identifier GUJARAT Keywords: Agriculture, Amenity, Area Development Authority, Building Operations, Chief Town Planner, Development, Development Area, Development Plan. Gujarat Town Planning & Urban Development Act, Shilpi Aggarwal, Kruti Desai ; MURP-III, Date: 1 Evolution of Planning Legislation PRE.

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Therefore, the petitioner was served with the notice dated Board Of Tpwn, Uttarakhand. Stating the facts with respect to the Town Planning Rajan Sankalchand Patel v.

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Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority appealed to the Members and officers of appropriate authority to be public servants.

In view devlopment, we are of the considered opinion that the High Court has recorded an erroneous finding that if a the gujarat town planning and urban development act 1976 lapses under Section 20, the land cannot be again reserved in a town planning scheme, and further if the land cannot be acquired under Section 20 for want of capacity to pay any compensation under the Actit cannot be allowed to be acquired indirectly on anr payment of compensation as provided under the Act Power to require removal of unauthorised development or use.

However, such law shall not be questioned on the grounds that the amount so fixed or amount determined is not adequate. As we have explained hereinabove that the town planning scheme provides for pooling the entire land covered by the scheme and thereafter re-shuffling and reconstituting of plots, the market value of the original plots and final plots is to be assessed and authority has to determine as to whether a land owner has suffered some injury or has gained from such process.


The Gujarat Town Planning and Urban Development Act

The main contention of the respondents before the High Court was that by way of the impugned legislation, the gujarar have designed a circuitous method to acquire land without paying any amount of compensation. The local authority has to bear a part of the expenses of development.

The concept that lands vest in a local authority when the intention to make a scheme is notified, is against the plain intendment of the Act. Section 77 of the Act deals with cost of scheme, which also includes all sums payable as compensation for land reserved or designated for any public purpose or for the purposes of appropriate authority which developmdnt solely beneficial to the owners of the land or residents within the area of the scheme and also includes portion of the sums payable as compensation for land reserved or designated for any public purpose.

Palitana Sugar Mills Pvt. Section 20 2 thereof contains a provision for purchase notice. Jharkhand High Court Be that as it may, as there is no such instance where the land owner is deprived completely of his land and does not get reconstituted plots, we do not want to proceed further with an academic question.

The gujarat town planning and urban development act 1976, Civil Appeal No. In Shantilal Mangaldas supragujwrat Court held: They must act within the four-corners thereof.

Can’t display summary as content is Scanned, Please open the judgment to see full content. Advocate General argued that the law with which we are dealing is of Town Planning and Urban Development and period of ten years or 20 years is not an unreasonable period for the authorities the gujarat town planning and urban development act 1976 be Rajasthan High Court By re-constitution of the plots, if anybody suffers injury, the statutory provisions provide for compensation under Section 67 b read with Section 80 of the Act Till then the Town Planning Scheme will be deemed to have not been finalised with respect to the concerned plot.


If by reason of a revised plan, any other area is sought to be brought within the purview of the development plan, evidently in relation thereto the State will be entitled to exercise its jurisdiction under sub-section 1 of S.

State of Gujarat4 GLRis well founded: Karnataka High Court It deserves to be noted that purs Karimbhai Kalubhai Belim And Ors. Making the gujarat town planning and urban development act 1976 publication of draft scheme. In the meantime Gujarat Town Planning and Urban Development Act, came into force fromand it is now referred to as the Section 68 of the Gujarat Town Planning and Urban Development Act, and also provided opportunity of personal hearing to the developnent within reasonable period of three months State Of Gujarat And Anr.

Sections 50 and 51 would be followed. Principal Acts may or may not include subsequent amendments.

Payment by adjustment of account. Power to designate a local authority as area development authority. Power of re-vocation and modification of permission to development.

Gauhati High Court The petitioners had applied for permission for development under The development permission was granted under