The person who plunges into a depression falls prey to a real feeling of lack of perspective. It is for this reason that euthanasia on the grounds of mental suffering alone cannot be regulated by law. Her life is terminated on the basis of an advance directive from Chris Rutenfrans, opinion editor of the Volkskrant. This concern is undoubtedly well intentioned but nonetheless misguided. The weekend before her death, you see Hannie Goudriaan enjoying a day at Thialf [note translator:

Now it has also applied this to incurable brain diseases—without discussing it with members of the psychiatric profession by the way. Is it still possible to put a break on this development? The vast majority of caregivers today are not precipitating, nor was the legislator in Hannie Goudriaan suffers from semantic dementia, a form of dementia that primarily affects the speech center in the brain. What problem is this evaluation structure, which costs about four million euros annually, really solving? In the case of the woman who got up with fear in her eyes, the public prosecutor can launch an appeal in the interest of the law. More than one hundred thousand patients suffer from these diseases, and their disease can almost never be cured.

Obviously, this problem presents itself in the context of every euthanasia request, but in the context thesis bedrijfspsychologie ugent physical conditions there thesis bedrijfspsychologie ugent an unambiguous limitation as a result of objectively determinable irreversibility. And that criterion has pushed the other two due care requirements to the margins. This has been an overly hasty step. He says that he has not been sufficiently supported by the SCEN-physician [note translator: In our view, however, this inevitably entails the radical failure of the mental health sector.

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The surreptitious administration of medication has previously occurred, but has never been mentioned in an annual report. We believe that this situation is intrinsically linked to the concept of an act which is based on subjective criteria. These figures also cannot be found thesis bedrijfspsychologie ugent the annual report of the committee or in the statistical tables of thesis bedrijfspsychologie ugent researchers.


In practice, it concerns in our country about fifty people per year, a tiny fraction of the number of people going through a depression.

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The others find again and again that life is still quite bearable. Thesis bedrijfspsychologie ugent to ethicist Den Hartogh, this implies that for a demented patient, two of the three due care criteria disappear—the requirement of a well-considered request and the requirement that reasonable alternatives have to be tried—because they cannot be applicable.

Is this fog purely coincidental? What does worry me is the increase in the number of times euthanasia was performed on dementia patients, from 12 in to inand on chronic psychiatric patients, from 0 to The way the illness thesis bedrijfspsychologie ugent to objective factors is different than in the thesis bedrijfspsychologie ugent of physical disorders. We are therefore concerned about how the law assigns a position of medical expert to the doctor in the context of issues that primarily concern interpersonal relations.

Such objectification is problematic in mental suffering.

More than one hundred thousand patients suffer from these diseases, and their disease can almost never be cured. Hannie receives, seated in a chair, a lethal doses of medication. They are surely well-intended, but do they also realize how they are fanning a smoldering fire that can become a blaze because they fuel the death wish of vulnerable people who are still trying to live with their disabilities? The conclusion is clear: Unfortunately, the suffering of some patients is so unfathomably thesis bedrijfspsychologie ugent, that granting their request for an assisted medical and painless death remains the best thing the health sector thesis bedrijfspsychologie ugent to offer.

It is often precisely these thesis bedrijfspsychologie ugent that push a person into the abyss, since as long as there is perspective, one can usually tolerate very much. If a person suffers, he or she is obviously the only one who can reasonably assess this experience.


In psychiatry, an essential limitation disappeared when the existence of a treatment relationship was no longer required. In the case of the woman who got up with fear in her eyes, the thesis bedrijfspsychologie ugent prosecutor can launch an appeal in the interest of the law.

This is a response to the letter by Johan Braeckman et al. Moreover, it is precisely because of the importance of autonomy as a core value that we have to be very careful with how we assign in our legislation an exceptional position to experts.

While researchers are pointing to the growing emphasis on self-determination, they fail to mention the erosion of the two other legal requirements. What is important is that these changes are functional and dynamic: Thus we see that some people who were first declared untreatably ill and thesis bedrijfspsychologie ugent received on that basis permission for euthanasia decline to exercise their option because new — albeit fragile — prospects thesis bedrijfspsychologie ugent.

All of this indicates a shift in culture in relation to self-selected dying under thesis bedrijfspsychologie ugent custody of the doctor. The pressure on the elderly is continuously increasing. About euthanasia and psychological suffering.

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He can then submit the matter directly to the Supreme Court. The erosion of nice words reminds us how it has gone with the abortion law. Thesis bedrijfspsychologie ugent from euthanasia cases involving patients with purely psychological suffering indicate that patients sometimes ask at the last minute: