Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The flowers and the child are both strong symbols of value, the utimate goal to protect. And where the fear is introduced. Black lines The black line in the bottom of the pool represents guidance. Page Blue Throughout the story Kari has been dealing with water.

Notify me of new comments via email. Even in the bathtub, she feared going underwater. By visitors numbers were up to ,, with the tourism industry aimed at attracting the mass market. Also Kari now has the courage to swim again Man vs Self Kari was giving up on surviving as she drowns in the ocean, she had to over come her fear in order to survive. Lockhart, The latest tourist numbers stand at 1. Strutt says that “Ian is a man now

By facing her fear directly, she is able to come to an understanding of her limitations—and touching bottom by kari strutt essay importantly, what she is actually capable of achieving in her life.

It help Kari swim in a straight lines, also it got rid of Kari’s fear of swimming. His anger can be said to be directed at several things — his painful knee, his climbing partner Simon lowering him and causing pain to his knee and his anger at himself that his injury has caused them this distress and difficulty.

This passage really shows the range of emotions he is going through… this is reflected in the language used. Sadly, this process took me about two years. Blue is communicating how comfortable Kari is feeling. In doing so she frees her step son and self from a potentially deadly current.


After she had touch the bottom of the ocean as she is drowning, she had a flash back to a swimmer that she had saw on television. This foreshadows that the writer will soon face her fear once again.

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Kari swims without fear or hesitations, she swims as if the incident at summer camp never happened. Later in life she is able to meet up with Ian as an adult and discuss memories with him. Touching the Void Touching bottom by kari strutt essay Essay Where she drowned with her step son Ian. And where the fear is introduced. This shows how real the feelings are and all the expressions are direct and personal.

Touching Bottom As defined in the dictionary, a hero is a person who is admired for courage and noble qualities. Do you really want to delete this prezi?

An Analysis of Touching Bottom by Kari Strutt

He is flirty with a girl on the beach while his wife and son is drowning. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Thus, this story relates to me I the fact that both the narrator and I had to find self-realization. Touching the Void Essay With the exception of a flashback to Camp Kinaird, a summer camp where Kari started to fear swimming in murky water. It describes that when you are fighting a battle within, you cannot take touching bottom by kari strutt essay head on; because if you do, the conflict is already lost.

In a lake or an ocean you do not know what is out there and you start to go crazy fearing the unknown. Also Kari now has the courage to swim again Man vs Self Kari was giving up on surviving as touching bottom by kari strutt essay drowns in the ocean, she had to over come her fear in order to survive.


As to before she would be scared and feel lost without him. In the story she described her husband as “a blue wave of touching bottom by kari strutt essay. This encouraged Kari to keep going when she is about to give up. The first time was about how the main character was terrified of the open water and would not swim in it anymore.

She is able to liberate herself from her unfaithful husband by divorcing him after the incident at the beach. I opened my eyes, then came up sputtering. The battle between life and death soon erupts, as both Ian and his stepmother have to fight the current to get back to the beach.

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After she resurfaces, the narrator has to swim with Ian on top of her to get him back to safety all while fighting against a current. It is a matter of life and death. Add a personal note: In order to have a successful story there must be a successful hero.