bcdxt manual pdf probably later version is at pub/Uni age_pdf BCDXT < UnidenMan4 < TWiki. This guide is a full featured, 26 page spiral-bound instructional Mini-manual, covering all aspects of this very capable scanner. Mini-manual size is x8 inches. DImage_/Manual/ (1 of .. This page applies to the following scanner(s): BCDXT BCT15X BCDXT BCXT.

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BCDXT < UnidenMan4 < TWiki

Also, you can’t even upload the system back to the uniden bcd996xt manual and have to delete it with the software uniden bcd996xt manual. Private Systems – lets you flag a system so that it cannot be read out of the scanner or modified only with optional software.

Infinite – you must press Hold after a page manua, resume standby mode. Many controls and keys behave differently depending on the mode your radio is in when you use the key or control.

Page 83 For more information about Band Scope Mode: All unlocked channels will be scanned at least once regardless of this setting.

Uniden BCD996XT Mini-Manual

Always turn the scanner off before disconnecting external power. When you use startup configuration, the scanner checks all systems, sites, and search ranges and: You can also toggle attenuation for a site in scan hold mode by pressing then 7 ATT. Conventional radio systems Trunked radio systems Trunked system basics How a trunked system works A real life example Conventional radio systems In a conventional radio system, each group of users is assigned one for simplex systems or uniden bcd996xt manual frequencies uniden bcd996xt manual repeater systems.

For P25 Systems there are two types of P25 systems: Turn to select characters when editing text. Planning Uniden bcd996xt manual, Sites, and Groups. Weather Alert Priority Turning the weather alert priority feature on allows the scanner to check the uniden bcd996xt manual channels every 5 seconds for a Hz weather alert signal and still scan or search.

You can tell which block a Motorola ID is in by its number. See Close Call Hold Mode. In Motorola II systems, all the blocks have size code 0. Custom band plans require that you enter both a lower and an upper base maunal value. Conventional Display Bcf996xt 2. For each alert in the scanner, you can select from 9 different tone patterns, 15 volume settings, 7 colors, and 2 color patterns.


Each site will have its own set of trunking frequencies and is monitored like a single system. Press to enter a hyphen when entering an ID while programming. P25 Adjust Level XT only this is a hidden setting accessible only by turning off the radio and pressing Bce996xt uniden bcd996xt manual you turn the scanner back uniden bcd996xt manual. Select Edit Site, then select the site you want.

Scanning- the process of stepping through conventional channels in groups, which are in programmed ‘systems’. Also, since some trunked systems might have hundreds of talk groups you wish to monitor, you might have to enter those systems into multiple banks in order to monitor all the ID’s. Set Modulation This setting selects the modulation uniden bcd996xt manual for the site.

You can edit the default receive bands of the scanner to better and quicker suit your uniden bcd996xt manual preferences.

Uniden BCD996XT User Manual

This lets many users share a single frequency, and decreases interference caused by distant transmitters on the same channel. Number tags should be viewed with the rest of the channel info so you can just manuwl to them. If no systems are uniden bcd996xt manual, ‘ No System Stored ‘ appears. You can have total channels per conventional system and up to ‘Sites’ if you have enough memory. Continue at ‘ Set Quick Key ‘ below. If the Motorola system has priority channels, and you assign one of those talkgroups as priority in the scanner, then when one of those channels becomes active, the scanner will jump to it even if it is on a different system voice channel i.

Scroll to any other bands you wish to edit and repeat. uniden bcd996xt manual

All Tone-Outs channels that have the same frequency and modulation and uniden bcd996xt manual as the one you select will also and only be monitored so you can monitor up to 10 Tone-Out channels for one frequency. If the scanner detects the transmission on the output frequency, it beeps and ‘ Repeater Found ‘ appears, and it remains on the manua frequency until transmissions end.


The band number will blink under the band that the hit was found in. Scroll to the next band and repeat.


For example, if you set the maximum channels to 20 and there are priority channels, the scanner checks those channels in groups of 20 and takes a total of 5 intervals to complete the priority scan. Set Unjden conventional only. P25 Waiting Time Motorola only this setting basically gives the scanner time to determine if channels on Motorola analog mixed systems not P25 only have digital or analog transmissions. With this scanner, you select conventional ‘Systems’ or trunking ‘Sites’ to scan that have channel ‘Groups’ manua, within the ‘Systems’.

After storing the ID, you will be at the ‘ Edit Channel ‘ menu to complete the settings for the uniden bcd996xt manual channel. Rotate VOL clockwise to turn uniden bcd996xt manual the scanner and set the volume to around When the scanner manuall in Close Call mode, it performs a close call check every 2 seconds.

Press to toggle custom searches on or off in Search Mode. Dynamically Allocated Channel Memory – organized into mqnual, ‘Sites’, within uniden bcd996xt manual systems’Groups’ within systemsand channels within groups. The 3rd line displays the name of the selected POI.

Set Start-up Key allows you to turn on the scanner with the site enabled for uniden bcd996xt manual using the Startup Configuration. The default setting is unlocked. To step through the frequencies turn the scroll control. To toggle CC bands off or on press the number key for each band.