I think I need to edit that haha. You will be taught how to set up, run and market your own publication such as a magazine, a book, a fanzine , to consider the principles of good design, and will learn the rudiments of finance, scheduling and copyright law. You will choose a second module from the broad range of seminar options available to you in the School of Literature, Drama and Creative Writing. Feminist Theatre allows you to explore key feminist theatre makers from the Suffrage movement to the present, focusing on radical companies and writers of the s and s. You’ll be assessed through two formative pieces a close reading and a project bibliography and one summative piece on a project chosen by yourself in discussion with your seminar tutors. On the ‘creative’ side in previous years we have, for example, read Kafka’s short tales against Borges’s re-writings of them, tried to write like Kafka or Borges, turned a Kafka story into a Dostoevsky paragraph or a Nabokov poem, explored the various translations of these authors, and played with re-translating them.

The focus will fall again on small-group discussion and on the reading of a small number of texts. Having established this basic historical narrative, we then trace the different intellectual projects and problematics that the notion of ‘critique’ opens up, from the ‘critical theory’ of the Frankfurt school through thinkers including Althusser, Fanon, Foucault, Braidotti, and Ranciere. You’ll then delve deeper, uncovering core concepts such as dialectology, Code-switching, genderlects, language policy, multilingualism, and interpersonal dynamics. This course offers an intensive immersion in the study of the writing of prose fiction. Introduction Aut or Creative Writing:

You can expect to attend a follow-up tutorial with your class tutor each time your work is discussed in the workshop.

Open day Wed, 23 May ‘ You will examine how contemporary artists have explored the way in which contemporary galleries and museums function.

Opportunities will be available to work on film versions and you will have, as part of the assessment, the opportunity to produce your own piece of creative writing in response to the primary texts. As tutors we will look university of east anglia creative writing reading list test your assumptions as well as your abilities and there should be no grounds for complacency.

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The autumn semester lasts from September to December, and the spring semester from January to April. Young People Pre Information. You will also participate in a project supporting a live, national website, ‘After English’ hosted and managed by UEA.

You will study how African Americans responded to disenfranchisement, racial violence and economic inequality. The list of authors chosen for the module changes regularly, as you would expect.

Finally, we consider new trends in citizen’s voting behaviour at the ballot box and pressure groups campaigning for change. Go to Business home. Theories have included the classic controversies of St.


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You will have the opportunity to read a wide range of primary sources as well as considering key historiographical debates. We converse with them about some of the most significant issues in the field. Please click here to register your details online via our Online Enquiry Form. Has the United States helped or harmed the rest of the world during its rise to world power? Since the unification of the states of the Italian peninsula, the history of modern Italy has been the subject of intense historical debate.

A knowledge of German, while useful, is not a prerequisite; translations are available. In addition to exploring the narrative of events as it unfolded chronologically you will also learn about topics such as: This module seeks to build on and develop the work of the Autumn semester, in particular that of Reading Texts.

The module also gives you the chance to sign up for an entirely optional visit to the Norfolk Heritage Centre in the centre of Norwich to see their remarkable collection of 17th-century books.

You will follow a chronological sequence on the module, allowing us to trace the course of racial slavery in North America from its inception in through to its abolition in It’s on the English Lit.

A study of modernism is essential for understanding all 20th university of east anglia creative writing reading list literature and this module is highly recommended for any students wishing to take any modules in 20th-century literature.

Criticism which registers, in its own form, language, method university of east anglia creative writing reading list the ways in which it has been transformed by the work s of art it encounters? At the crux of these different approaches to ‘critique’ is the relation between different philosophical, political and literary intellectual movements, and central to this module is the question of how ‘critique’ extends beyond scholarly activity, whether it is the ways in which avant-garde art and poetics incorporate self-critique into their understanding of support, medium, process, etc.

Out of this crucible England emerged. You’ll encounter a range of different types of literature from across a number of historical periods. The module focuses on fiction published in the UK and Ireland in the last ten years, with a particular focus on more inventive writing.

Close reading, as this method has come to be known, is one of the building blocks of literary study and it is to this practice that ‘Reading Texts’ university of east anglia creative writing reading list devoted.

But if these various intellectual projects converge around a shared sense that they are doing ‘critique’, then it is not clear that political critique and aesthetic critique aspire towards the same thing; the concept of critique thus also permits us to grasp discrepancies and points of university of east anglia creative writing reading list between different forms of intellectual, and ‘critical’, praxis.


Topics might include the mind-body problem, the nature of mind and its relation to the brain, issues connected with meaning and understanding, how if at all language governs, limits or facilitates thought, and the relation between language and the things about which we use it to talk.

Case studies will be drawn from a range of time periods and will address andquot;the big themesandquot; in archaeology, such as cultural transmission, cultural development, societal collapse, trade and exchange, conflict, migration, empire and expansion, the emergence of urban societies, climate and society, and ritual and religion.

The aim of this lecture-seminar module is to help you become a better reader of Shakespearean drama. You’ll learn how to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each person’s text, and you’ll learn how to communicate literary feedback constructively.

At the same time, you’ll consider a number of original works of literature from recent years, thinking carefully about the relationship between theory, method and form. In so doing, you’ll gain a greater understanding of the demands and conventions of journalistic writing, develop and sharpen your own work, and gain the discursive flexibility which will allow you to navigate the writing of journalism today.

By the end of the module you will have a wide knowledge of a range of different 20th-century University of east anglia creative writing reading list poetries, as well as a strong sense of how the political, cultural and literary ‘tastes’ of America across the century have delivered it the sorts of poetry it deserves.

You will work in three inter-related ways: At this crucial political and cultural moment in time the study of the German language and culture will without doubt make you a more attractive graduate and informed global citizen, whatever your specialism or area of interest. You’ll consider a range university of east anglia creative writing reading list ways of conceiving and interpreting the contemporary novel, and discuss these ways with your peers.

University of east anglia creative writing reading list kind of writing you love the most, you’ll develop it over the whole course of your degree by working closely with many distinguished writers in seminars and workshops. Annual Reports and Publications.

Special Entry Requirements Candidates will be expected to submit a portfolio of writing for assessment of between and words, which could be part of a novel in progress or a piece or pieces of short fiction. You’ll be taught by lecture, screening and seminar. You’ll be asked to consider such issues as character, genre, voice, dialogue and point of view.